Usual with modern Cooler Master chassis has front intakes fans, but it is unlike for bottom 200mm dual function fans those give the real chimi effect in practice with PC case. Off the chart, it is really a wise decision for silent figure cases to use height and give premium cooling out of the noises.

We find the tests in favor of good and worthy construction of high-quality brushed aluminum. The chassis has good value with removable dust filters, attractive and fairly premium looks offer a generous amount of airflow from the bottom, top, back, and sides.

Dimensions(D) 544mm x (W) 242mm x (H) 573mm
MotherboardATX, Mini ITX, Micro-ATX, E-ATX up to 300mm
Pre-Installed Fans2x 200mm
2.5" Drive BayFour SSD's
3.5" Drive BayFour HDD's
Card Length12.5 inches (318mm)
CPU Cooler Height7.5 inches (191mm)
Power Supply FormatPS2-Style up to 200mm
Space Above Motherboard1.5 inches + 1.5 inches above the frame (78mm)
Internal Bays4x 3.5 inches8x 2.5 inches (x4 converted from 3.5)
Card Slots9 + 2 vertical
Ports/Jacks1x USB 3.1 Type C2x USB 3.02x USB 2.0audio/mic jacks
OtherProximity sensor for lighted USB ports
Bottom Fans2x 200mm
Weight29.5lbs (13.4kg)

Design of Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M ATX Mid Tower Case

The Cooler Master SL600M is a promising case that Cooler Master slabbed entirely with metal for exceptional durability and premium aesthetics, unlike the plastic designs. The airflow engineered SL600M design makes computer case manufacturers consider things that need to be considered for the aesthetic and not only that the generous space that supports enough fans to cool don the most powerful hardware.

The interior is matched to make air allow the bottom to upwards, which is not common in sure PC cases. Cooler Master incongruously manages two 200mm fans in the bottom for good cooling and leaves the top for builders to decide on the equivalent of builds.

It can support either two 200mm or three 120mm fans. Still, our behaviors suggest going with 200mm fans as the top and bottom equality handle airflow to the marked RPM. Surprisingly, the case is cool with temps and thermally balanced with a gaming setup that depicts radiator under the roof fans.

The cooler options support max 360mm radiators and make a configuration for better cooling and allow. The approach of Cooler Msste r realizes the big difference when they moved the power supply to the front of the case and provide us the room needed to take care of coolers and obstruct free cooling.

It completely spares the space for the support for 360mm radiators at the top and bottom, which ease the installation easy for us to use a full-length radiator without covering the PSU as we said it is located in front of the case, so no more restriction for big coolers to attain the space.

The cable management is easy when you go with ATX or ITX and not the E-ATX, which is slightly bigger and takes over the area, making cable management a little strict.

The highlighted area of the Cooler Master SL600M Noctua 200mm fans in the case is the front IO panel, which is excellent and populated with four USB 'Type A's half 3.0 and a half 2.0-speed versions, alongside the USB Type-C, which also indicates good value and the future builds options with 4 pin adaptor that intact with the boards.

The Type A USB ports illuminate with white LEDs. It happens with a proximity sensor definitely helpful for finding the ports in the dark and staying on during work use, depending on your mood to either activate or not.

The combination of sleek design and modern puttings advantage in preserving the overall look of the case with sufficient airflow and offers a built-in fan controller to accommodate high or low speeds for whether your audible obstructed natural tendencies or gaming requirements of ultra-high performance at a quick pace through the top panel switches.

Cooler Master SL600M Noctua 200mm fans don't quite compare to a true silent case with sound dampening tech. If you were comparing the noise differences. Still, it does provide large airflow fans TO make the SL600M typical quiet mid-tower as a benefit of vertical chimney design could potentially help in many ways possible for a good projectile airflow directly onto the performance elements.

The MasterCase SL600M is a performance case for both noise reduction and airflow. You can address it for professional builds for gaming, streaming twitch with optimal thermal efficiency.