If you are familiar with our Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M, which is a large case with enough space for bulky hardware, that is recommended for most people who wish for a rig that is a point to the gorgeous looking PC cases. Here the Carbide series Corsair 400C is on the common terms for good looks and not so common on things that...

Dimensions(D) 425mm x (W) 215mm x (H) 464mm
MotherboardATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ITX
Pre-Installed Fans(1x 140mm) (1x 120mm)
2.5" Drive BayThree SSD's
3.5" Drive BayFour HDD's
CoolingFront: 1x140mm + Rear: 1x120mm
PSU LengthPSU: 190mm
GPU ClearanceGPU: 370mm
Expansion & Bays7 expansion slots
Front I/O2xUSB3.0, 2x3.5mm
Radiator Compatibility120mm, 240mm, 360mm
ClearancesCPU Heatsink: 170mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height170mm
Case WindowedAcrylic
PSU Form FactorATX

Corsair Carbide 400C Build

The Corsair Carbide 400C has an affordable way to start building a PC that can look cool while do show off the shelf of the premium cooling system that you likely throw into the making of the computer by combining the internal components. The Carbide series premium case that gets all the style to match in the premium line, such as the Carbide 400Q, which provides excellent noise dumping with silent structure design, offers the favor at the same price as the 400C.

A clear vision of yours will lead to the likely decision for different results for either good thermal performance or good looks that comes with the review unit Corsair Crbidge 400C, which might affect the decision where their priorities lie and their cons. However, it is the choice based on noise output, one is significantly noisy, and the other is silent but costs on the thermals seriously to make count as the insulated PC case.

Carbide 400C side window panel is clear and tall, opens by a simple hinge to get inside the case and complete the build. Remember, though. There’s no lock on the latch. It offers tool-free drive installation and provides easy access to the dust filters, and makes the future upgrades of newer hardware robust that builders take granted for a full-proof process giving a substantial clean area for feature full build.

Two fans included one on the front work asseond on the rear work as the exhaust for making things cool in the chassis, but that is not it. These are the out-of-the-box configurations, and making it count to your budget build is necessary for knowing how much cooling you would add up in more or fewer spendings. We find plenty of space above the dual cabin PSU chamber, likely for liquid-cooling that maneuver many choices.

The area is suitable for large water cooling systems of a maximum of 360mm radiators at the front, 240mm on top of the case beneath the shroud openings, and 120mm at the rear for the perfect combination of performance for every bit of power. It means you can replace the large radiators with the small ones of correspondence sizes like at front 240mm also fit for flexibility, and same applies to 120mm to fit on either of places, front, top or rear.

Corsair Carbide 400C Mid-Tower Gaming ATX PC Case

For quite some time, mid-tower cases, especially the ATX equivalent PC enclosures, are interested in our enthusiasm for more than building just a PC. It is dimensionally measured as 18.3 by 8.5 by 16.7 inches in Height, Width, and Depth. This particular Cooler Master case regards performing distance in CPU and GPU load tests due to the capable design of small chassis performing exceptionally to comparative builds.

The offering followed to room cooling components. Corsair has made few measurements that we find helpful for anyone to consider this case for a gaming build. Even though you can mount liquid radiators here, the CPU coolers clearance is maxed 170mm, making it more clear to the eyes when ample room, more fans, and less bulk. Surprisingly the case stands on the performance with a dual GPU mount.

The clearance for GPUs is 370mm long, which is enough for the latest RTX cards to take a position in the ATX builds and even with an E-ATX motherboard to fill out the case. Good value is found in the form of magnetic dust filters in plenty of shrouds. One good-sized filter covers the top mounting area, one beneath the PSU cabin, and one is on a mounted fan behind the front panel that makes cleansing accessible in the range.

Performance-wise and as a gaming build, you can expect good noises that make your gaming feeds intact. Due to the closed front, it is not ideal for fans and needs extra effort to intake air from the sides, which leads to extra care if you don't wear any headset. While for expandability, all the drive bays are internally hidden in the chassis design and take three of 2.5 inches drives and 3 of 3.5 inches drives.

For a mid-range build, you will find Carbide 400C’s airflow is getting your PC gaming typical which is simple to say good. It has dust filters, two included fans, and has a design that favors good visual appearances to your spendings. In overall impression, the case is featured for budget builds, and it is one of those PC cases that offers nice accessories bundles.

Corsair Carbide 400C is a clear glass beautifully constructed mid-tower with quiet performance. You can build it for a stylish clear looking expandable modern-day PC.