The H-series of PC enclosures is one of their popular line of cases comes in different formats for small to big rigs requirements that looks just excellent. NZXT is not a new brand to PC cases, if you are wondering. They had build PC cases for both top-of-the-line specs within the thermal performance that is likely for workstation builds and top tier gaming while also the most affordable but more reasonable cost cases to adjustable for every budget consumer.

NZXT H510i is a fantastic running enclosure for liquid cooling and air cooling builds in terms of mid-tower designing. Its glass side panel focuses the eye on built-in Hue RBG lights that reflect the components shining to showcase PC parts when gaming in the room. Just like the featured-packed ATX motherboards, the case is well spending for your money.

Dimensions(D) 428mm x (W) 210mm x (H) 460mm
MotherboardMicro-ATX, ATX, Mini-ITX
LED'sHUE 2 RGB (Smart Device V2)
Pre-Installed Fans(2 x 120mm)
2.5" Drive BayThree SSD's
3.5" Drive BayThree HDD's
CPU coolerup to 165mm high
Graphics cardup to 381mm
Power supplyup to ATX
Fans front2x 120mm or 2x 140mm (optional)
Fans top1x 120mm, 1200rpm or 1x 140mm
Top Fans (Up to 1x 120/140mm)
Front I/O PortsUSB Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, Headset audio Jack
Card Slots7x (plus two vertical)
Other1x  RGB LED strip included
Weight16.5 lbs (7.48 kg)

The exterior leans toward stylish shows-off kinds of cases with a tempered-glass panel on one side and of which NZXT is promoting different colors and finishes. The schemes included white and black. You can set the two colors for each matching interior of your office or home. As the RGB shines through the glass, the after effect will be your room where it is set up with a smart device v. It controls all the lighting colors.

Build of NZXT H510i Phantom Gaming Case

When considering the outcome of a gaming case, the overall review is focused on gaming and thermals, but what about the features you are getting with the case? Are they worthy and latest? This is the statement we are simply boarding for the mid-tower ATX cases for value. The H510i is an excellent case for small PC builds that feels well made and suitable for important workflow.

The chamber of the case is constructed from alloy steel, known as SGCC steel, durable and lightweight for making overall weight under the limit. The exciting part of the case is Compatability with a variety of motherboards for ease of building a comfortable machine that runs with modern hardware. Seeing it how the NZXT H510i Phantom gaming case is holding the design and performance.

You can put together a range of comments rated to be the NZXT H510i motherboard compatibility and PSU support. It can take ATX PSU designed to provide a first-class gaming experience in small ATX builds that is professionally encouraged by PC builders to fit together possible functionally perfect components from the available range of accessories.

We already detailed Phantom as a new excitement for PC enthusiasts to make machines with little effort. The NZXT H510i with lighting fan controls is the fun part where everyone meets the RGB controller that is decent as a feature and refreshed with version two to decide the H510i and H510i. It is the personal preference that you go for the H510 case for a rather lightweight 16.5 pounds chassis.

Front I/O connector and 3.5mm headphone and mic extender jack

The adding NZXT included the case for the robust build that is now easy as pie with pre-installed latter, so builders can put the motherboard in place and finish the build. The accessibility of connectors can merge with motherboards and make I/O panels come to life for special features, host a USB Type-C port and two USB-A Gen 3.0 and mono 3.5mm jack and a power button.

Behind the I/O panel, the whole top is surrounded with mesh for airflow to top-mounted 120mm included fan. That is necessary for this case not to fry the components. The thing is, the whole front is closed with a solid panel, and airflow is critical. That is true for the CPU and GPU because of the more compact design. You have to with a water cooling system for sure to increase the performance of the build. Otherwise, it is hard to cat the direct airflow.

What is the difference between NZXT H510 and H510i?

For worthing extra bucks for the same chassis, NZXT included "i" in the H510 updated version of PC cases that make it cash for buyers to either follow new features or save money. The simple difference between the NZXT H510 and H510i cases is that the "I series" included smart device version two with LED strips and more prominent vertical GPU slots to give the more dynamic aspect of the modern approach to controlling lightening and included fan speeds.

These are the new improvements when combining the I/O ports that may not sound important if you are moving your case around the corner front side back every time for connecting USBs. Speaking of performance during the review process, the NZXT H510i case manages to maintain good temperatures throughout intense sessions with a water loop system.

Without populating too many components, we did it simply, and the top and bottom ventilation with fans pull air and cool the system at the right amount. The tower has the right amount of noise reduction, which is good because you can also place it on balance mode, and the system goes silent without loud noises.

The NZXT H510i PC case is an excellent-looking fully decked out modern PC case for mid-tower ATX builds. If you value aesthetics and modernism then going with the H510i case is a legit decision.