Comparing the size and form factor, this case is not ideal for a big performancece and best PC builds due to lack of space it did hold to exceeded GPUs of RTX series with massive power consumption. Rather it performs well with medium specs hardware and delivers performance to the chosen components of gaming.

The mini-tower Riotoro CR1080 airflow will not be an issue if you consider your odds against the bragging hardware for such a compact space case. The single fan is really disheartening gamer for not getting overwhelming cooling to the latest CPUs and GPUs. For that, we find water cooling radiators working perfectly in this chamber.

Dimensions(D) 394mm x (W) 245mm x (H) 359mm
MotherboardATX, Mini ITX, Micro-ATX
Pre-Installed Fans1x 120mm
3.5" Drive BayTwo HDD's
2.5" Drive BayTwo SSD's
MaterialSteel and Plastic
Graphics Card SupportFull size reference graphics cards up to 300mm
Max CPU Cooler Height120mm
Expansion SlotsSeven
PSU SupportStandard ATX 175x150x85mm
Cable ManagementCutouts and mounting points
Included Fan1x 120mm LED Fan
Fan/Radiator Mounting PointsUpto  Two 120mm, Bottom Two 120mm
Front PanelDual USB 3.0, Microphone, Headphone
Weight8.6 lbs / 3.9 kgs

As a competitive firm Riotoro is giving high competition to the great computer cases with the compatibility of liquid CPU coolers to aimed gaming and extended curvature of glass bulge is making room for thick slick Graphics Processing Units to lie smoothly with all the mechanical and nonmechanical storage bays.

Breakdown of Riotoro CR1080 Compact Inverted ATX Case

The nicest looking mid-tower is about to reveal to us how compact it is when taking all the loaded hardware in the chassis reference as the ATX motherboard compatible. Riotoro CR1080 dimensions are the 394mm x 245mm x 359mm (D.W.H).

This dimension counts the two-chamber designed to make cable management stacked to the rear and adjust an ATX motherboard and PSU that will be the limit of 175mm otherwise, it ain't going to fit within the enclosure.

While the GPU support is maxed out to 300mm, that is 11.7 inches that make the matter of the type of cooling system you got for the small space which also counts the CPU cooler not to max out the 122mm range, which is the limit Riotoro provided us for CPU coolers to function properly without any damage.

Under the compound, there is one 3.5” Tool-less bay and another 2.5“ Drive Mount that is also convertible for either big or small HDD or SSD of choice, which we recommend SSD for making the system smooth and fast without waiting on the boot. You will get reliable performance with games too.

On the contrary, to drive mounts, there is one big optical bay in front that is merged beside the single Fan. Even though it is a bit old for optical drives to exist, some people find them useful to count as a feature, not a burden.

The I/O is dense but not much of smart functions. It has two USB A ports but no USB -C, which is the new standard for modern PC cases to have at least a single USB Type C to use modern gadgets such as external storage devices. The good option that we like for most is a separate microphone, and a headphone jack aligned with the power switch and reset buttons.

CR1080 is one of the smallest PC towers available, with a powerful punch and support full-size ATX motherboards in a small footprint of ATX case without sacrificing features.

In final words, we have put down a suggestion. Please handle all the PC components and GPU cards with care, and when unboxing, do not put them on the static plastic bags that enclosed the sensitive cards to free them from the static current.

Your hand contact might be the reason your GPU will damage, so put them on the fireplace that is not conducive to electricity. To make good use of your hands, wear an electrostatic discharge bracelet with care to handle hardware components without damaging anything.