12 Best Smallest ATX Cases for Compact PC Builds 2021

The best suite for gaming PC build or budget PC builds the smallest ATX cases are the popular choice. Being compact and powerful at the same time is the specialty of compact ATX PC cases. They can fit in tiny spaces and hold powerful GPUs with robust cooling systems. In our opinion, the ATX PC case is the most suitable choice for the average PC user in the smallest form inspires major builds from modern days.

ATX satisfies the need for a powerful rig in a compact case without the waste of empty spaces. Which makes them applicable for building a performance system that can look simple but adorable in any furnished room decorations.

Even a compact cage provides many beautiful RGB and compatible cooling solutions. Matching all your room decor’s perfectly and occasionally sneak to anywhere when you make a change to your suitable location.

Although there are many mini ATX and small ATX PC cases gain massive popularity throughout the years. We choose the overall best for performance and value for money specs.

Here we sharing our researched enthusiasm with the list to show you modern design cases for your next build. Take a look at our suggestions for gaming and office work small PC cases for building your own custom PC.

12 Best Smallest ATX Cases for Compact PC Builds 2021

Top Pick

Cooler Master HAF XB Evo


It is a simple cube design case with few looks, but it is best for performance builds easy to assembly.Check Price

Aerocool Cases Aero 1000


A premium material case with mid-tower specs and cooing centric design performs best with cooling systems.Check Price

Corsair Carbide Air 540


One of the best-selling allrounder cases supports all advanced motherboards and has some fantasy looks.Check Price

Riotoro CR1080


PC enthusiast’s favorite Riotoro Small Gaming Case is the best for a minimalistic build.Check Price

Corsair Carbide Air 400C


This Corsair case is best for budget build with many premium features and attractive design.Check Price

NZXT Phantom 410


NZXT in a long reputation for premium cases. Phantom 410 is one of their most selling cabinets.Check Price

Corsair Crystal 460X


Crystal 460X is the best looking RGB case with fantastic glass windows for great builds.Check Price

Thermaltake Core G3


Thermaltake Core G3 is the slimmest of all the ATX cases with a portable design.Check Price

Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M


The best quality case with many customization options award winner for the best innovation.Check Price

Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG


Masterbox 3.1 TG is a premium looking stylish case at a much affordable price.Check Price

NZXT H500i


NZXT H500i best-looking cabinet fits all accessories, including RGB.Check Price


1= Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M – Award Winner

Smallest ATX Cases
Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M
  • Excellent High-Quality material Chasis.
  • It illuminated front I/O ports.
  • Innovative Airflow Design Case.
  • Strong Body.
  • Light Weight.

2- Corsair Crystal 460X

Corsair Crystal 460X

  • Best for RGB Gaming Build.
  • Come with an RGB controller.
  • Excellent for a clean, robust build.
  • High-Quality Tempered Glass design.
  • Premium Build Quality.
  • RGB Fans.

1. Cooler Master HAF XB Evo


The Cooler Master HAF XB Evo is an all-rounder ATX case for PC enthusiasts. Gamer likes the extra cooling and Graphics, while office workers love its compatibility and power for uncompromised performance. The Cooler Master full cube case with both radiator and fans supports the considerable space it functions for hardcore users. Who need portability with maximum power with the brand. It has everything for your compact PC build.

Easy to access compatibility functions with sliding modular tray that slides out from the case and make it easy for you to fit all of your components conveniently for quick upgrades. You can easily change your processor and GPU with this modular case. Its portability function allows you to lift this case with two dedicated carry handles. Help you to move it anywhere in your room comfortably.

It can manage up to four standard sizes of 3.5 inch hard drives or small 2.5 inches hard drives. The best thing is they fit in a separate chamber aside from the power supply and other components, so your data usage is safe. It can do in a different section of their own, aside from the power supply. The motherboard lies flat between the components and takes advantage of adequate airflow. Suppose you buy the other top-mount fan for HAF XB. It will provide much better cooling from the top. Either way, users can choose a mesh top case or the windowed function case for personal preferences.

The cooling of the case comes with two powerful fans of 120 mm size, provide pretty good cooling to the case with balanced components. But a special tip for the gammers to take full advantage of HAF X8 EVO by installing a liquid cooler. It can easily fit and make full use of a small space. A dedicated compact ATX gaming rig will transform with zero compromises for non-stop gaming. Users also install multiple fans with optional configurations for their taste.

  • Removable sliding stays for easy component access.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts and Gamers for overclocking Processors.
  • It comes with two durable XtraFlo Fans.
  • The cubic design chassis has enough space for proper liquid coolers.
  • Support cooling radiators up to 240mm in size.
  • Builtin carry handles for easy moving across rooms.
  • Easy access USB 3.0 ports at the front.
  • Easy to remove side panels and top mash cover.
  • Support multiple cooling options for excellent airflow.
  • Good customizations and cable management.
  • A bit bulky than other cases, maybe because of the modulus design.

2. Aerocool Cases Aero 1000 Black Edition


Aerocool Cases Aero 1000

Aerocool 1000 black case comes with a different design approach with a long body and short width. Have the best material quality steel chassis with a black finish on top. The case comes with a specially designed chamber for the cooling water system. Which is on top of the case, provide enhanced cooling with an additional front cooling system. It is the Aerocool company airflow focus PC case that is suitable for high-performance users with a limited budget.

The case comes with removable hard drive cases that support either three-point five-inch hard drives or 2.5-inch SSDs. Also, be replaced with long Graphics Cards if you are planning to install big cooler cards. However, it has a separate allocation for hard drives and supports up to seven SSDs or five HDDs. Aerocool Aero 1000 black edition ATX case is best for gaming hardware with an acrylic glass window provide a good show off for RGB lighting.

This case is pretty clean with a removable rooftop, power supply, and front panel dust filters. Hold tight with magnetic strips and easily come off the topic. Also, they are washable. Pre-drill holes with rubber grommets provide good cable management. It is a nice touch for cable management. Also, the side glass window helps hide the bad cable management due to the short glass window. Overall this is a solid case with good vents for airflow.

  • One push front mesh cover provides easy extraction.
  • A comfortable top-mounted cooling space for an extra cooling water system.
  • Provide rubber grommets for cable management.
  • Support two 280mm big radiator fans on the rooftop.
  • It comes with a bottom dust filter and PSU dust filters.
  • It has shockproof rubber insulation on the power supply and hard drive allocation.
  • Support up to two high-end long Graphics Cards with the replaceable hard drives case.
  • Build with a screwless kit for quick access.
  • Provide easy to remove magnetic dusk filters also washable.
  • Pre-installed rear end cooling fans.
  • Flexible radiator mounts on the roof and rear of the case.
  • Removable hard drives case is a bit tricky to remove.
  • A bit noisy.

3. Corsair Carbide Air 540


Corsair Carbide Air 540

The Corsair Carbide Air 540 is the most innovative ATX PC with the most unusual design. Two side by side cooling chambers entirely flows air to every single component inside the chassis. It has a magnetically sewed dust filter for protection against dust and other entities. It has protected with magnetically stitch dust filters. It comes with full cable management with total cable move around with rubber grommets. Which is the most appreciated feature of the Corsair Carbide series. A small footprint ATX PC with pretty good cooling is something you consider for your next PC build.

A pretty good package of styrofoam with a cloth bog represents satisfaction for a customer. Enthusiastic minds also appreciate a classic tower-style case; with innovative modern tech. Separated by two-compartment in one chassis helps a cooling water system fit inside with enough space for a hydrogen cooling system. For beginners, this case is straightforward to build with a separate wiring route that provides comfortable and clean fittings.

By its looks, it is a bulky and heavy case. But in reality, it’s a compact case, a bit taller, maybe a couple of centimeters. You can access the component from the side glass window panel. It is effortless. The hidden chamber uses for hard drive bays and the power supply, completely separated by the window panel. Good for RGB lights. Performance perspective wise, Corsair claims this is the world’s best air cooling case. Impressive claim! If you are interested definitely check this out for your new compact performance build.

  • Front Air filter easy to clean and easy to install with eight magnets.
  • Support top-mounted 140mm cooler fans and radiator.
  • Two dedicated hot-swap hard drives docks with easy to install functions.
  • Have enough space for a custom water cooling system.
  • Separate chamber for 5 inches hard drive bays.
  • It comes with a dedicated case of 4 SSDs drives bays.
  • Enough space for installing multiple GPU using dual chambers.
  • Excellent cable management system.
  • Premium quality smallest E-ATX case.
  • Do not come with top-mounted fans.

4. Riotoro CR1080

Riotoro CR1080

Riotoro CR1080 is one of the smallest ATX Cases that supports a standard ATX motherboard with a compartment design for better cooling. Easily hold a cooling water system and even high-end Graphics Cards. Besides, delivering exceptional cooling in such a compact design requires a dedicated intake fan for the GPU. For that, it comes with a dual compartment design.

Hold bulky stuff like power supply and hard drives bays on the right-side chambers, while the performance stuff like motherboard, GPU, and water cooling system in the left side chambers. Dual compartments help the airflow and maintain the performance of the system. It is one of the modern ATX cases with builder-friendly cable management features.

Easy to tie and have a separate route for long cords. It comes with a standard 120mm stock cooling fan with decent RPM. Provide efficient cooling for typical systems. It supports two additional 240mm and 120mm water cooling radiators for powerful hardware cooling. The 7 hard drives and SSDs can mount without any screws, with a snap.

The case design is effortless for quite efficient and adequate cooling. Looks are pretty sleepy, but in actuality, it can hold high-end beast performance. Can equip a long Graphics Card with liquid coolers efficiently. The tinted acrylic glass window on the left side can shows off components with RGB flashes of lightning. Excellent case for business persons who want some sleeper looking ATX case that can hold a full-size ATX motherboard.

  • Include one stock 120mm led fan for cooling.
  • Provide easy hard drive and SSD mounting with a click.
  • Value for money ATX case for a compact system.
  • Excellent for small form compact, powerful builds.
  • Tinted acrylic glass provides some light effects.
  • Riotoro cr1080 was the slimmest case in 2021.
  • Fully function with ITX Motherboards with small coolers.
  • It is one of the best Smallest ATX PC cases with a full configuration for a large GPU mounting.
  • Big dust filters at the front and back provide easy maintenance.
  • Such a small compact size case supports ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards.
  • Lightweight and rigid aluminium body.
  • Easy to carry and takes minimal space.
  • Simple cable management.
  • Compact ATX mini case.
  • There is no dust filter for the bottom mesh opening.

5. Corsair Carbide Air 400C

Corsair Carbide Air 400C

Corsair Carbide Air 400C is one of the sleek-looking mid-tower ATX cases. You can say that this a premium looking case with a compact design and a decent price tag. The case includes two cooling fans, 120mm, and the other is 140mm efficient for a high-end performance build, which is not a common thing for budget-friendly and premium looking PC Cases.

The easy one-click lock side glass panel provides an excellent view of the internal components. Show off water cooling systems or some RGBs for mood. It is very nicely appreciated. The case also has enough space for an additional five fans for strong airflow from the top, rear, and front.

Corsair utilizes the small precious space of this case for airflow and water cooling systems. Because Corsair design this case to support three radiators and cooling systems. The cooling of this case is excellent. It can hold a cooling water system with a 360mm radiator; at the top, it can have a 240mm radiator, and at the back of the case, it can hold a 120mm radiator along with cooling Fans. So cooling is not a problem for Corsair Carbide Air 400C.

The case is easy to build and deliver decent cable management with rubber grommets but not excellent cable management. Because space is a little tight for cables, other useful features include dust filters with easy magnetic strips at the front, top, and bottom of the case.

The most good looking feature of the case is the transparent clear glass door on the left side that provides an excellent view of the internals. For data storage, it can support seven expansion slots for 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches hard drive bays and SSDs. It is one of the premium looking budget-friendly ATX case.

  • It is one of the premium looking affordable ATX mini case.
  • Easy to access inside with a reliable glass door panel.
  • It has a beautiful side glass window for an excellent internal view.
  • A rigid steel body with premium finishes provides gorgeous looks.
  • Full-size GPU and water cooling system supported.
  • It supports E-ATX, ATX, and ITX motherboards.
  • Can support big 360mm cooling radiator in front of the case.
  • Support water cooling systems.
  • Preferred for high end builds
  • It is a well designed, compact, good looking ATX case.
  • It is a bit tight in space for cable management.

6. NZXT Phantom 410

NZXT Phantom 410

Phantom 410 is a premium builder-friendly ATX case from NZXT. NZXT is an old brand with a pretty good reputation for the best premium PC cases. The case comes with three stock fans included with the controller for speed control. Premium touch, the case comes with seven packets of different screws and zip ties for cable management. It has six hard drive bays made of plastic and a removal cage for extra storage for SSDs.

The removal drives cage can replace with a full-size high-end Graphics Card for better performance. While the drives bays mount drives without the use of any tool. The dedicated fan controller is one of the critical features of the case. You can connect all of the seven fans with the controller using seven-pin connectors for the fans at optimal performance with three different levels. Perform low, medium, and high-speed functions.

The case performs silent performance for necessary conditions. Also suitable for the cooling water system with the optional range of 240mm system. Can hold two water coolers on the top section of the chassis. NZXT Phantom 410 comes with many mesh openings on the full front, rear, and on the bottom of the case for better airflow. All of the meshes come with pre-installed dust filters.

Protective approach for the system components from dust and provide clean airflow to the internal members. The dust filters of this case are not magnetic, only hold with metal clips. The case design is a bit old but still maintains a healthy place among Gamers and PC enthusiasts. The case box also comes with a manual brochure of details, easy and understandable instructions for new PC builders. The overall case looks good with LED lightning and stiff premium quality.

  • Support water cooling systems at the front, rear, and on top.
  • It can support up to 7 fans in small compact chassis.
  • Nice rubber feet hold sturdy and straight.
  • The case has pre-installed three cooler fans with LEDs.
  • Have a fan controller on top of the case for speed control.
  • Easy to hide messy cables cause a small glass window.
  • The power supply mesh comes with a dust filter.
  • The different color options come in white, red, and dark black and grey finishes.
  • It has an excellent I/O with multiple USB, headphones, and fan controller options.
  • Removable challenging drives case for easy installation and provide room for large GPU.
  • Perform silent performance with the help of a dedicated fan controller.
  • Excellent and clean cable management.
  • Provide efficient cooling with up to 7 fans.
  • Support Seven hard drive slots with easy mount.
  • The I/O has a dedicated Fan Controller.
  • A bit old fashion design-wise.

7. Corsair Crystal 460X (RGB Fans Included)

Corsair Crystal 460X

Corsair Crystal 460X is one of the fancy-looking ATX cases. It comes with stock three Fans at the front of the case, provides efficient cooling with some RGB vibes. One of the classic premia builds mid-tower cases with enough space for full E-ATX and ATX motherboards.

Corsair makes this Crystal 460X as a direct airflow simple design case; means this case will show you some tremendous internal views and provide the direct airflow and keep your build running cool. The RGB Fans and design gave some expandable build options to users.

Change the LED light according to mood, decorations, or ambiance. The case’s looks and feel are premia with a rigid steel body for better and comfortable long time use. For cooling and performance, it can run two radiators at the same time. A cooling water system on top of the case and one at the front of the case. Although the included three SP120 RGB Fans are enough for the high-end GPU and motherboard to keep running cool—the case engineered with high Air cooling in mind.

Provide mesh openings at the front, top, bottom, and at the back of the case. The top and bottom surface of the case has mesh openings and comes with magnetic dust filters. While the front mesh comes with a dust filter attached both magnetically and secured with the screws. It comes with easy one-click mount Hard Drives trays supported both 3.5 inch and 2.5 inches drives. Overall, the case’s look is connected with two-panel tempered glass on the left side of the case, provides a fully transparent view of the internals.

  • Premium build quality with a durable steel body minimal ATX case.
  • High quality two-panel tempered glass provides an excellent view.
  • It comes with three SP120 RGB Fans mount at the front of the case.
  • Provide excellent airflow from triple front fans.
  • The RGB Fan controller controls both speed and Lightning.
  • Support two water cooling systems for better and efficient performance.
  • It is a good quality dust filter on every mesh openings for clean airflow.
  • It comes with separate screws and zip ties packs with manuals.
  • Value for money with premium quality build.
  • Best for RGB Gaming Build.
  • Come with an RGB controller.
  • Excellent for a clean, rugged build.
  • High-Quality Tempered Glass design.
  • Not for messy cable management.

8. Thermaltake Core G3 (Slimmest ATX Case)

Thermaltake Core G3

Thermaltake Core G3 is one of the slim ATX mid-tower cases. Support high-end graphic cards and provide pretty good airflow from the front mesh show some RGB if you install. Thermaltake is a company known for its innovative specialized designs for living room matching cases.

Core G3 idea is you can hide it under your TV table horizontally or vertically, stand it across your decorated corners next to your couch and run VR Games because this slim case works both layouts. Capable of Liquid Cooling system for efficient performance.

The case provides enough space for some high-end beefy components—support 4 storage drives, either 3.5 inches or 2.5 inches. The power supply unit can only support the smaller version SPU due to the space limitations and slim form factor. For a cooling, case two 120mm turbo fans at the front are fantastic. Here it comes with additional support; an extra 120mm Fan on top of the case.

They design this for the Living Room setup with VR compatible high-performance Liquid Cooling systems. The lawsuit also supports 30mm radiators for top-notch performance cooling. The cooling water system is the best thing you can find in such a slim tower case with a fully certified Tt LCS test, an exclusive test for Liquid Cooling compatible chassis.

It means you can run extreme cooling configurations with your high-end components. Support a two-way layout, either vertical or Horizontal design, depending upon your choice or the place of setup. Overall this is one of the portable, lightweight, slim, mid-tower cases capable of Liquid Cooling systems for beefy GPU and Processor.

  • It is one of the best slim ATX case support up to ATX motherboards.
  • Compatible with any surface and position to work.
  • Support High-end Graphics Cards and a cooling water system.
  • Consistent with two-way Layout, Vertical and Horizontal placement.
  • High quality tempered glass panel for great internals view.
  • Portable and easy to fit anyplace with removable rubber feet.
  • Good Slim PC Cabinet for Liquid cooling system with Thermaltake certification.
  • Designed for Living Room portable VR system.
  • It is compact with a compact fractal design.
  • Durable steel material build.
  • Instead of a standard PSU, it uses the small SFX PSU.

9. Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M (Red Dot Award Winner)

The MasterCase SL600M from Cooler Master is the best case you can buy for your ATX build with many advantages. The high-quality brushed aluminum finish chassis provides a premium look. Airflow engineered design with top-bottom fans for natural airflow. It comes with a unique chimney effect, air intake from the bottom of the case to the roof of the case with mesh airflows containing both sides of two 200mm Fans.

A truly innovative concept, nothing seen like this before. Coolermaster makes this case a powerful and unique ATX Case. The case is a masterpiece from Cooler Master’s back in 2019. An award winner of the best design and thermal performance ATX case of the year.

It has beautiful cure angles, Shiny Aluminium Chassis, future-proof I/O, both lightweight and robust at the same time. These are the things notice at first sight, but it can chill heavy components without making any noise when it’s up to the performance. Yes, it can perform a silent version without irritating you with loud Fan noises. We can say that this is the most user-friendly feature you can get from an ATX case.

Being an award winner for the best thermals is consider a certified full proof case. You can go literally through any beefy components in it, and it will chill without making any noise. Speaking of noise comes with acoustic noise reduction technology; a completely sealed front panel stop fan noise coming toward the users while maintaining efficient cooling with 360mm cooling radiators. An adjustable mesh roof with two removable fans can support a full water cooling system.

The side Tempered Glass cover makes the internal components view more prominent with the latest RGB hardware. For storage, it comes with nine expansion slots. It supports a liquid cooling system with a full-sized GPU. Make this a most vlogged ATX case on youtube. Overall this case has an excellent port selection with additional type-C, and all the ports come with proximity sensors. So no more hassle for finding the USB ports in the dark.

  • Lightweight and robust ATX build case with excellent features.
  • Best in I/O ports with two USB-A 3.0, two USB-A 2.0, and a type-C.
  • All ports have a proximity sensor (motion-triggered inbuild lights).
  • It comes with Acoustic noise reduction technology.
  • The top and bottom mesh comes with removable dust filters.
  • Adjustable top mesh cover opens in three different positions and can altogether remove.
  • Different compartments separate PSU from HDD’s, motherboard, and GPU.
  • Design for a convenient approach to ATX friendly motherboard and GPU.
  • Support liquid cooling System features for better hardware cooling.
  • Excelent High Quality material Chasis.
  • It illuminated front I/O ports.
  • Innovative Airflow Design Case.
  • Fractal design compact case.
  • A little bit expensive.

10. Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG (Budget-Friendly Small Build)

Cooler Master Masterbox 3.1 TG

It is the budget-friendly Cooler Master Master box 3.1 TG Lite ATX case. Support both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX size motherboards. See-through front Black Glass panel and a high quality side-mounted tempered Glass panel for excellent internal views.

One of the best budget-friendly Smallest ATX PC Cases supports a full-size high-end GPU and has enough space for a proper water cooling system. Cooler Master is a well-known brand for customizable premium class PC components. Here is no exception. Cooler Master delivers the same quality and customization options in a budget-friendly compact ATX case.

You can grab it for around 45 bucks, and it will not disappoint you with a tempered Glass transparent window, space for a cooling water system: support high-end GPU and front I/O station with easy access Headphones and USB ports. Modern look with front and side premium Glass build this case an extra gorgeous. Give a ton of customizations and options to make it even more loveable.

Many enthusiasts like its removable front Glass panel that provide easy access to the front mesh cover. Access to changeable trim modules, support 3D, printed parts for a custom and stylish look. If you are looking for a robust build with a single GPU and water cooling system, this case is for you.

Huge cable management space; you can leave all the cords without zip ties, and it still looks good. It is an excellent case for a compact build with a cooling water system, support up to three Fans, and a Water-cooling System for better cooling efficiency. Overall this is the best case for a low budget and provides some excellent customizable build.

  • Support full-sized high-end Graphics Cards.
  • Side panel tempered glass with 4mm of thickness.
  • The front has a removable transparent glass with Darkish black color.
  • The room is a massive room for cable management and hardware.
  • Can support tall heatsinks for CPU cooling.
  • Customizable Trim colors for different setup matches.
  • Support water cooling system.
  • It comes with the front I/O panel.
  • Support up to three fans for extra cooling.
  • It doesn’t have the top cooling option for extra Airflow.

11. NZXT H500i (Modern ATX Case)

NZXT H500i – Mid Tower Slim ATX Case

It is the NZXT H500i best looking small ATX case that fits mini ITX to ATX motherboards. It is a competent, smart design case for all the standard ATX accessories. It can fits easily in a tiny space. Suppose you are looking to buy the best mini ITX case in 2021, which is stunning, compact, and best for money. This slim, ATX mid-tower case is for you.

NZXT is the manufacturing giant that delivers Awesome futuristic PC Accessories and Cases with less expensive tags. The H500i is an exceedingly beautiful compact mid-tower case that supports futuristic RGBs. It came with a Smart device powered by CAM, controls built-in RGB, and preinstalled fans.

The device functions Hue+ and grid+ RGB effects on led strips for dynamic personalization. It has a pretty decent spread for all the big bulky hardware in terms of capabilities and components space.

Logically it has enough room for most of the latest components, including larger GPUs, large motherboards, and radiators. The case is made of premium-grade steel, constructed with the sleek fractal design for excellent appearance and productivity—water-cooling ready with easy installation and support for aftermarket and custom cooling designs.

Performance perspective wise comes with an Adaptive Noise Reduction Controller, which is effortlessly controlled by a CAM device, a circular-shaped display that shows RGB effects, fans speed, and Temperature. All the controls are optimized acoustically with adaptive technology powered by CAM. Deliver ideal fan noise and controls two RGB LED strips that come with the case. This tech enhances your build’s aesthetics and increases the seen through the stunning tempered glass panel’s looks.

  • Support full-size high-end Graphics Cards with cooling systems.
  • The side panel is Tempered Glass with 4mm of thickness.
  • It is a Removable front Transparent Glass with Darkish black color.
  • It is a strong Steel Constructed Case with a balanced weight and overall aesthetics.
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction Auto control fans that change speed automatically based on temperatures.
  • Stock fans will only run as hard when you need, otherwise reducing noise and increasing efficiency.
  • It comes with two stips of four color combinations RGB lights for lush ambiance.
  • Side Tempered Glass simplifies installation and manages the use of RGB lighting and fans effectively.
  • Excellent cooling from the top, bottom, and front of the case holds two giant fans with a full-size radiator for efficient cooling.
  • Simple design and very capable of motherboard support, configure MiniITX, MicroATX, and Standard ATX in the hood.
  • Comes with CAM RGB plus fan controller.
  • It supports a customizable liquid cooling system.
  • Very spacious for an Optimistic Rig.
  • Attractive design and good cable management.
  • Nothing,
  • everything looks good.

Buyer’s Guide of Smallest ATX Cases

The best mini ATX cases are pretty lightweight compare to old tower Cases. Despite their small size, they can fit plenty of components. It can also personalize as a gaming rig or a remote workstation that easily fits most parts with no compromises. Easily fit new beefy RTX Cards, which can use with the full potential power. Complete cable management design with easy to zip long cords inside the container.

There is no need to worry about looking weird because all of the cases are professionally design and configure to tackle any situation face by users of all professions. In our consideration, choose the best ATX Cases with adequate ventilation for all of your components adequately suitable.

The best value for money build is everybody’s wishes. Here we got you covered with the value for money best cases. That will go through modern chassis requirements with reasonable price tags and the best in the market.

Mini PCs are the future of gaming rigs, and professional users prefer compact, powerful PC that can be done work without compromises. Not to show off but get the job done by any means, but it also looks clean and straightforward. Capable of bearing any workload with powerful components in a small chassis of lightweight ATX case.

When you decide to build your custom PC from scratch, two things matter the most. The first thing is picking the right components. And the second thing is selecting the Right Case for your parts to build an epic Rig. There are many choices for features and Cases but choosing the right component for compatible Motherboards is a heck of work.

So cherry-picks when looking for PC Parts and keep your budget according to your requirements. It will help you buy the right components with the best price ratio. Our compiled list of the top 10 small ATX cases has many helpful features and designs that suit your needs. But it is tough to choose which one is best for you out of so many good looking Cases.

There are several things for those who find it challenging to pick up any case we have mention. Read carefully and decide your will to buy one of the best ATX cases. We tend to describe to you some of the key features that you consider for your PC build. Here is our guide to the best small ATX cases. You will easily find what you were looking for with a simple explanation.

How to choose the best ATX case

Those who want a powerful PC build have a compact ATX case that fits everything with an ATX motherboard. A full-size Graphics Card and, of course, liquid coolers for a stable gaming system. All this is possible with equivalent ATX motherboards enclosed in a beautiful ATX PC case.

Here I will show you some most suitable smallest ATX PC cases. Can fit in tiny and compact rooms were full desktops took a lot more space, these ATX stay cool in small spaces. For professional work or media use, these smart and compact cases can perform pretty convenient tasks within small form factors. Most of them are used for professional work and are quickly evaluate with ATX motherboards.

Fits big cooling fans for cold air flows and RGB lights for moody ambiance are the most common things people do with these cases. On the other hand, Gamers prefer something powerful like the latest Graphics Cards and liquid cooling for long-term performance.

If you are looking for a case for a new rig or budget computer build, then you are in the right place. Here are the eleven most known stunning compact cabinets of compact ATX PC cases that are large compared to micro ATX and mini ITX cases. But hard to argue how good looking they are comparable to the standard PC case.

1. Supported Motherboard Choice

ATX Motherboards are the most convenient Motherboards for ATX Cases. But there is a difference in sizes with varieties of options, such as Standard ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Motherboards. They all are sharing the same ATX technology but comes in different form factors and sizes. Of course, our provided cases do come with the compatibility of all of the ATX motherboards. You can choose any ATX and ITX Motherboard for provided ATX Cases.

Standard ATX

The most used Motherboard format is Standard ATX. Compatible with High-end Components for top-notch performance. The latest CPUs and GPUs easily fit and provide excellent performance as compare to Full Tower PC. Huge variety of choices with different chipsets and features.

Micro ATX

The Micro ATX is the most compact motherboard features the same performance level but the small form factor as the Standard ATX. Fewer varieties and chipsets options but best for slim build for home use and lite Gaming. Micro ATX case is a perfect combination for a Micro ATX Motherboard.

Mini ATX

The Mini ITX is the smallest Motherboard form factor with a different variation of ATX technology. Compatible with all the ATX cases but not much expansion supported. They are suitable for Browsing and day to day tasks but not ideal for gaming and heavy workloads.

Choosing a better ATX Motherboard affects overall performance with multiple RAM slots, the latest CPU and GPU compatibilities, and many expansions. If you are looking for a compact PC build with much potential for future upgrades and excellent performance, then Standard ATX is for you. Office and home users can build a PC with Micro ATX Cases and Mini ITX Motherboards and enjoy home use Applications and office work without any problem.

2. Customization and Looks

When you decided to build your PC, you probably heard or seen other people’s Rigs with beautiful designs and small form factors. It is the first thing anyone can notice is the design and look of the PC. ATX PC Cases are the most customizable with many features and advantages over Full-Tower Cases. They can fit in small spaces and almost provide the same caliber Performance with compatibility with high-end CPUs and GPUs. Compatible with full water cooling systems and run quietly without making any noises.

Many cases are the enthusiast’s choice for better looks and overall customizability with different components. It has multiple RGB Fans, Tempered Glass Panels with full view internal lighting show off the latest Graphics and Cooling systems. Anybody will love to do such things with their PC build using the most attractive ATX PC Case money can buy. Not everybody will love the RGB effects and show off their appearance, so choose a suitable for your desires.

ATX come in different styles and form factors, some are vertical, and some are Horizontal, some look boxy, and some come in flat. But some Cases can be all in one. It means they can stand like Tower Case, sit like Flat Case, and hide under the TV setup. The choice is yours how you want to use your PC. ATX is small in size and can easily transport for Personal or Professional work. Simultaneously, full-fledged are hard to fit in a small space and are hard to transport to alternate locations.

For Customizability, ATX PC Cases can provide much room for upgradability. Huge cable management area with dedicated cord routes and fixed rubber grommets for easy cable management. Provide Professional customizations, like interchanging the placement of different components like I/O, PSU, Hard Drives, Expansion slots, changing the motherboard’s direction to your need, and much more. You can find some useful customization on your own if you know the computer stuff.

3. Cooling Capabilities

Cooling in Computers is the most important thing you ever heard. The first PC to the latest depends on the cooling of CPU’s and GPU’s to work properly. Unless you plan to toast your PC, choosing the right ATX PC Case with multiple cooling options is exceptional. Here is our favorite ATX PC cases list, which we have merged with different Cases with numerous cooling options for better and stable performance. You can rely on our chosen with almost every Case is Liquid Cooling supported with extra fans for direct intake Airflow.

A proper water cooling system mounted in a compatible ATX PC case can run longer than typical cases. If you plan to use some liquid cooling system on your build, choose the right case with Liquid Cooling Supported. Because not all of the ATX PC cases can support a liquid cooling system, in cooling, compatibility between the components and the case is the most important thing. We recommend Micro ATX Motherboard for a small Workstation build while small ATX for gaming. You can also go for Standard ATX Case for more upgradability.

You keep in mind that ATX PC cases mostly use small cooling systems with limited size accommodations. You can thoroughly check all the mention specifications of some instances with the support of liquid cooling systems. Also, differ in the size of cooling radiators. You should check all the given specifications of each case. It is better to have both liquid cooling and fan options to provide consistent airflow to the motherboard. Aso vents in different areas like the top and bottom of the case can impact colossal performance gain with a cooling system.

Final Appreciations

Small and Mini ATX are demanding form factors by many peoples for a limited space rig and personal preferences custom PC builds. The cases you see above listed as the best smallest ATX Cases in our opinion for those who require customization and flexibility with future proof upgrades. All of the cases chosen for top-notch builds, but three of our personal favorites are Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M, and Corsair Carbide Air 540. These are the most convenient ATX PC cases with customization and compatibility of modern systems consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of ATX Cases?

There are many ATX PC Cases with different configurations for ATX Motherboards. There are three types of ATX Motherboards, Standard ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX Motherboards. These are the reasons there are different PC cases so you can fit your chosen motherboard in the equivalent Case with supported size and dimensions for the related components.

  • Standard ATX Case is ( 12 × 9.6 inches and 305 × 244 mm in diameter)
  • Micro ATX Case is ( 9.6 × 9.6 inches and 244 × 244 mm in diameter)
  • Mini ITX Case ( 6.7 x 6.7 inches and 170 x 170 mm in diameter)

2. What advantages ATX has over Micro ATX?

ATX has many advantages over the Micro ATX Motherboards with more PCI and RAM slots. It means you can build a portable workstation PC with ATX Motherboard, using all the given PCI expansion with high-end Graphics Cards, and fill all the RAM slots with high-speed Memory sticks. In comparison, Micro ATX can support a limited amount of RAM and Graphics Cards. But this doesn’t mean Micro ATX is weak somehow. No, the Micro ATX can be a Gaming Rig with beast performance.

3. Can Micro ATX Motherboard fit in a Mid Tower Case?

Yes, a Micro ATX Motherboard can easily fit in a Mid Tower Case. Typically Mid Tower Cases are suitable for standard ATX Motherboards, but you can put in a Micro ATX Case. There is a rule you can follow for your understandings. The Standard ATX Case can hold a standard ATX or either Micro ATX or Mini ITX Motherboard at a time. So you can easily upgrade a new board and other components in a classic ATX PC with time. The same goes for the Micro ATX PC Case, which can hold a Micro ATX or Mini ITX Motherboard. But the ITX Case supports the equivalent ITX Motherboard only.

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