Thermaltake Core G3 comes with two 120mm stock fans to keep everything you love cool and work to deliver performance. It is likely the most compact, slim trim small case that manages to pack a full ATX motherboard and can crowd the graphics with a maximum length of 310mm with the front fan intact while removing the fans clear couple more millimeters of space.

However, there is nothing to bargain about the new RTX 3000 GPUs. Else we're all put off the league of their performance builds. It is a matter you have to take seriously, and waiting is the only option for reliable prices and makes it possible to build a decent PC.

If we are not wrong, Thermaltake has the same interest. The G3 chassis is capable of very durable for small setups, which means it is capable of handling higher-end RTX 2070 GPUs of the 2000 series, while it is the reality that the case isn't going to fit more than that inside the 454mm x 140mm x 371mm (H.W.D) dimensions.

In fact, it can lay down and stand next to your comfortable couch and add interest to VR gaming with the limitations of space. This brings a new aspect to the idea of sleek and styling PC cases. It offers acceptance of VR gaming and 4K rendering. You will be fine with a suitable range of RTX series cards, or a more convenient RX series of AMD will likely provide more flexibility to slim chassis.

Bulkier and lengthier designs will dictate the whole space, and it is the area where your decision hit the right video equipment. We can say that either go elsewhere for extra clearance for modern graphics cards to take care of their lengthy appearance or stay with old-gen GPUs for sustainable performance without spending too much on newer hardware.

Dimensions(D) 371mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 454mm
MotherboardATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ITX
Pre-Installed Fans2x 120mm 
2.5" Drive BayOne SSD
3.5" Drive BayTwo HDD's
CPU Cooler Height Limit110 mm
GPU Length Limit310 mm
I/O Ports2 x USB 3.02 x USB 2.0HD Audio
Case MaterialsSPCC Steel
Cooling System2 x 120 mm Turbo Fan (1000 RPM, 16 dBA, Intake)
Drive Bays2 x 2.5/3.5-inch
SIDE PANELTransparent Window
PSUSFX PSU (optional)
DRIVE BAYS-Hidden : 2 x 3.5’’ or 2.5’’
Weight4.2 kg (9.3 Pounds)

Thermaltake Core G3 ATX Slim Review

The primary reason you go with a slim case like G3 is to make your living room desktop or any setup look compact and not taking worthy space over the empowerment, which brings a new aspect to the PC cases. This idea is making stick rules for the manufacturers to innovate more with the styling that has made a good impact on the users, especially the minimalistic gamers.

We think it is a pretty good explanation for the line of cases. Acceptance to ATX gaming in a compact design allows you to game in your comfort zone. Even the case market is crowded with small and tiny chassis, but Thermaltake's interest in slim cases for PC building is on another level.

The Core X cases and G series of Thermaltake are considered the slimmest ATX chassis out there. Whatever the regards, the Thermaltake Core G3 2.0 edition with 360mm radiator clearance is the winner for full ATX compatibility in a limited form of slim chassis.

Our review let us implement the water-cooling to support superior performance, seeing the results change the prospects. How much it matters to go with a water cooling system when housing powerful CPUs in small ATX motherboard cases? It is given few more degrees cooler impressions than certain air coolers.

It is fairly the factor of slim and small PC builds that we have messy cable management, and that is true to say that you have to take care of loss of a mess when dealing with such caliber chassis which strict air if not taken to ventilation properly.

This is a simple reason that Thermaltake is clearly to mention that you have to pair small SF or SFX PSU. As a matter of, it is not going to take power from more than that sized supply. If you want a compact PC to your living room desires, the inverted motherboard Thermaltake Core G3 gaming slim ATX chassis offers a large enough chassis specially designed for a 4K virtual reality (VR) gaming system.

As we say, the cooling performance and compatibility have been carefully thought out at a low price. It cares for users and provides support for clean air to the component with plenty of dust filtration. Such as high-end desktop cases with liquid cooling ability gamer's to adjust the chassis for the best viewing presentation vertically or horizontally.

The Core G3 outstanding cool entire case even if you consider the 240mm DIY liquid cooling radiator or AIO liquid cooler to attain long graphic cards simultaneously, in addition, to optimize system ventilation without compromising the frame rates. It is certainly a decent case that's great for water-cooling and is wall-mountable for something unique.